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MiArt: The First Art Marketplace in Chile

Welcome to MiArt, my inaugural venture and a pioneering art marketplace in Chile. MiArt serves as a dedicated platform for local artists and creators to showcase their original masterpieces, spanning art, crafts, ceramics, sculptures, and various other unique creations. Artists can seamlessly register and upload their works, while buyers can securely make payments through credit and debit cards, instilling confidence and ease in every transaction.

MiArt stands out with its user-centric features, including a robust reputation system, an automated shipping cost calculator, and the ability to personalize selections before making a purchase. This ensures a tailored and secure experience for both artists and art enthusiasts.

The platform’s development is a testament to cutting-edge technologies, leveraging Django, Docker, Terraform, PostgreSQL, Redis, and more. The entire architecture is hosted on AWS, with an emphasis on reliability and scalability. Rigorous testing, including Unit and Integration Testing, is integrated into the development process through automatic CI/CD pipelines.

To enhance the marketplace’s functionality, MiArt seamlessly integrates with the widely used Mercado Pago payment system. This not only caters to the local market but also lays the foundation for future expansion into other South American countries. Additionally, MiArt implements an automatic shipping API, streamlining the fulfillment process for a seamless end-to-end experience.

Tools: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Docker, Terraform, AWS, CloudFlare, Celery, Redis, BeautifulSoup, Materialize, Sentry, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

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