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Nicolás Schlotterbeck

Even though I studied Electrical Engineering, my main area of experience is in Machine Learning. I worked four years on Medical Imaging implementing Deep Learning models, and then, two years as a Data Scientist for some international companies. After graduate I became the youngest University professor for many years. Lecturer of Thermodynamics, Signal and Systems and Digital Signal Processing. Also, I have a course in Udemy and worked many years in a well-known bootcamp as a lecturer on Python, SQL, Data Science and Machine Learning. In the recent years, I entered the field of Software Engineering, launched my own startup, and started a position at a United States Cybersecurity company listed in Nasdaq.

Machine Learning

Experience in many industries and countries. Both in Structured and Unstructured data types.

Software Engineer

Developer of a Start-Up and Software Engineer in a Cybersecurity EEUU Company.


Lecturer at a University and in a very know Bootcamp. Also an Udemy instructor.